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Innovations in Ensuring Remunerative Prices (MSP) to Farmers

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), jointly with the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS), and the ICAR- National Institute of Agricultural Economics and Policy Research (ICAR-NIAP), is organizing a Policy Dialogue…


Land and Poverty Conference 2018

IFPRI is participating in the World Bank's 19th annual Land and Poverty Conference in Washington, DC under the theme " Land Governance in an Interconnected World". The Land and Poverty conference will present the latest research and practice on the…


South-South Knowledge Sharing on Agricultural Mechanization

  IFPRI,  CIMMYT  and the Ethiopian Agricultural Mechanization Forum are jointly organizing the conference on “ South-South Knowledge Sharing on Agricultural Mechanization ”, which will bring together national and international researchers, policy makers,…


9th CAER-IFPRI Annual Conference

Chinese agricultural producers face great uncertainty every day due to volatile commodity prices, skyrocketing input costs, uncontrollable weather, and an ever-changing globalized trade environment. Therefore, Chinese agricultural policy that supports…


IUNs 21st International Congress of Nutrition (ICN)

  IFPRI is participating extensively in the 21st edition of the IUNS-ICN International Congress of Nutrition on October 15-20th in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the theme, “From Sciences to Nutrition Security”. Aiming to encourage the exchange of…