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2015 GHI map
Special Event

Washington, DC launch of the 2015 Global Hunger Index

Speakers: Maximo Torero, Markets, Trade, and Institutions division director, IFPRI Alex de Waal, executive director of the World Peace Foundation and research professor at Tufts University Connell Foley, director of Strategy, Advocacy and Learning at…

Policy Seminar

The Zero Hunger Challenge

Achieving the Right to Food for All Event organized by IFPRI, FAO, and Community for Zero Hunger This panel brings together the unique perspectives of representatives of the United Nations, government and civil society to discuss the Zero Hunger…

Policy Seminar

Aflatoxins: Finding Solutions for Improved Food Safety

Aflatoxins—a naturally occurring carcinogenic byproduct of common fungi on grains and other crops—pose a significant public health risk in many tropical developing countries. It is estimated that 26,000 Africans living south of the Sahara die annually…

Policy Seminar

2012 Global Hunger Index Launch Event

The Challenge of Hunger: Ensuring Sustainable Food Security Under Land, Water & Energy Stresses The Global Hunger Index is a comprehensive measure of hunger worldwide and by country and region. Although the proportion of hungry people around the world…

Policy Seminar

Launch of IFPRI's First Global Food Policy Report

In 2011, a variety of ongoing challenges affected global food security, including food price volatility, extreme weather shocks, famine, and conflicts. Despite a number of positive developments in 2011, the global food system’s inability to adequately…

screen shot of 2020 Agriculuture and Health Conference website

Leveraging Agriculture for Improving Nutrition and Health

How can the potential of agriculture be unleashed to reduce malnutrition and ill health? Agriculture impacts poor people’s nutrition and health, and people’s nutrition and health in turn affects their productivity. As a supplier of food, a source of…

Policy Seminar

Nourishing Plants and People

Abstract Millions of farmers use fertilizers to increase agricultural production and productivity and thereby improve their livelihoods. But fertilizers have impacts beyond agricultural production. If they are not managed carefully, fertilizers can…

Policy Seminar

Understanding the Interactions between Agriculture and Health

Agricultural policy and practice affect human health, which in turn impacts agricultural productivity and output. Agriculture contributes to better health by improving the quality and quantity of food available and increasing income. Effective health…


HIV/AIDS and Food and Nutrition Security

We are at a watershed. Knowledge of the devastating interactions between HIV/AIDS and food and nutrition security has been growing in recent years, but the crucial next step- of using this knowledge to improve and scale up effective actions- has yet…