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Special Event

Beijing Launch of IFPRI’s 2016 Global Food Policy Report

Full report Synopsis [in Chinese] 2016 GFPR Chapter 2 [in Chinese] Map and data widget Speakers: Shenggen Fan, director general, IFPRI (Presentation: English | 中文)  Katrin Park, director of the communications & knowledge management division, IFPRI…

Special Event

Geneva Launch of IFPRI's 2016 Global Food Policy Report

Speakers: Shenggen Fan, director general, IFPRI Samuel Gayi, head, special unit on commodities, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)  Steve Godfrey, acting director general, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) Lee Ann Jackson, counsellor, agriculture and commodities division, World Trade Organization (WTO) Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, chief executive officer, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD)

Special Event

Launch of IFPRI's 2016 Global Food Policy Report

Full report Press release Map and data widget Overview presentation on Slideshare Speakers: Shenggen Fan, director general, IFPRI (Video | Presentation) Janet Ranganathan, vice president for science and research, World Resources Institute (WRI) (Video …

2015 GHI map
Special Event

Washington, DC launch of the 2015 Global Hunger Index

Speakers: Maximo Torero, Markets, Trade, and Institutions division director, IFPRI Alex de Waal, executive director of the World Peace Foundation and research professor at Tufts University Connell Foley, director of Strategy, Advocacy and Learning at…


Mechanization and Agricultural Transformation in Asia and Africa

Sharing Development Experiences The International Food Policy Research Institute and The National School of Development at Peking University are jointly organizing a workshop on agricultural mechanization in Asia and Africa in Beijing. Agricultural…


Agricultural Transformation in Central Asia

Policy Research Conference hosted by IFPRI and University of Central Asia The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and the University of Central Asia will host a Research Conference on Agricultural Policy and Food Security in Central…

Policy Seminar

Transforming Agriculture in Africa

The Insiders’ Perspective In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile initiatives to promote agricultural development in Africa. These initiatives attempt to address one of the most pressing development challenges in Africa: increasing…

Special Event

Food Security Futures I

Research Priorities for the 21st Century The first Food Security Futures conference will bring together senior researchers from CGIAR and FAO to present their perspectives on research priorities for the 21st century. The conference is being held in…

Special Event

Agricultural Resilience in the Face of Crises and Shocks

Une agriculture résiliente face aux crises et aux chocs Brussels Development Briefing, organized by CTA in collaboration with the ACP Secretariat, the EC/DEVCO, Concord and IFPRI Which are the key challenges posed to strengthen resilience in…