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Book Launch

Nourishing Millions: Stories of Change in Nutrition

Nourishing Millions Website  | Blog Story Overview Stuart Gillespie, Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute and CEO, Transform Nutrition Research Program Consortium (Video | Presentation) Perspectives Tom Arnold, Coordinator ad…

Special Event

Ending hunger and undernutrition: It can be done faster

Speakers: Shenggen Fan, Director General, International Food Policy Research Institute Till Wahnbaeck, CEO, Welthungerhilfe Michael Hailu, Director, Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) Connell Foley, Director of Strategy, Advocacy and Learning, Concern Worldwide Moderator: Morgane Danielou, Vice-President Operations, Emerging Ag Inc.

Special Event

2016 Global Nutrition Report Washington, DC Launch

1,000 Days, Bread for the World, Food Tank, Humanitas Global, International Food Policy Research Institute, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and USAID are pleased to invite you to the 2016 Global Nutrition Report Washington, DC Launch  event. The…

Special Event

Beijing Launch of IFPRI’s 2016 Global Food Policy Report

Full report Synopsis [in Chinese] 2016 GFPR Chapter 2 [in Chinese] Map and data widget Speakers: Shenggen Fan, director general, IFPRI (Presentation: English | 中文)  Katrin Park, director of the communications & knowledge management division, IFPRI…


Pulses for Sustainable Agriculture and Human Health

Global demand for pulses is rapidly increasing. Pulses are emerging as ‘future food’ in developed and many African countries. For South Asia region, pulses are traditionally important food commodities and cheap sources of protein. The region is now experiencing shortages of pulses and causing increase in imports. The challenge is to increase pulses production efficiently not only to meet the domestic requirement in the region but also supply for new consumers in developed and African countries. Celebrating the International Year of Pulses 2016, the two day conference is spread across the themes: Theme 1: Pulses production, consumption and environmental services Theme 2: Pulses prices and markets Theme 3: Policies and institutions Theme 4: Pulses for human health


Sustainable Agricultural Growth in Nepal: Challenges, Opportunities and Options

Sustainable agricultural growth is critical to ensure food and nutrition security in a country like Nepal. Agriculture still contributes about one-third to the country’s GDP and provides direct livelihood to two-thirds of its population. However, the agriculture sector faces several challenges in Nepal, which includes low productivity, high instability, shocks due to climate change, lack of adequate infrastructure and investment.  This conference is being organized to address the challenges and explore possible options for sustainable and accelerated agriculture growth. 

Special Event

Cairo Launch of IFPRI’s 2016 Global Food Policy Report

Speaker: Clemens Breisinger, Country Program Leader, IFPRI Egypt Panelists: Sherine Al-Shawarby, Professor and Vice Dean for Community Affairs and Environment Development, Faculty of Economics and Political Science / Cairo University Jacinto Fabiosa, Leader of the Trade and Investment Team, USAID/Egypt Magued Osman, CEO, The Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research (Baseera) & Editor and Lead Author of 2016 Egypt Human Development Report (HDR) Dorte Verner, Lead Agriculture Economist, World Bank Moderator: Fatma Abdelaziz, IFPRI Egypt

Policy Seminar

Supplying High-Quality Seeds and Traits to Smallholder Farmers: Policy and Investment Options for Developing-Country Seed Systems

Speakers: John C. Keyser, senior agriculture trade economist, the World Bank Saharah Moon Chapotin, deputy assistant to the administrator, USAID Bureau for Food Security Ido Verhagen, executive director, Access to Seeds Foundation Moderator: David Spielman, senior research fellow, IFPRI Chair: Mark Rosegrant, director of the   environment and production technology division, IFPRI