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IUNs 21st International Congress of Nutrition (ICN)

  IFPRI is participating extensively in the 21st edition of the IUNS-ICN International Congress of Nutrition on October 15-20th in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the theme, “From Sciences to Nutrition Security”. Aiming to encourage the exchange of…

Book Launch

"A Bucket of Water: Reflections on Sustainable Rural Development"

Keynote Speaker: Kanayo F. Nwanze, Fifth President (Rtd) of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Special Goodwill Ambassador on Zero Hunger, Africa Region, and CGIAR System Management Board’s First Global Ambassador (Video) …

Special Event

World Food Assistance 2017- Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

Speakers: Steven Were Omamo, Deputy Director of Policy and Programme and Coordinator of Food Systems Strategy, Policy and Support at the UN World Food Programme (WFP)  (Presentation  |  Video) Suresh Babu, Head of Capacity Strengthening, IFPRI (Video) …

Special Event

What to do when markets and governments fail poor people

How to overcome market failures was once the key question underlying development research. A primary conclusion of this research was that governments had to step in to resolve these market failures, for example by providing free public services or…

Book Launch

"Agriculture, Development, and the Global Trading System: 2000-2015"

Speakers: Antoine Bouet, Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI (Presentation  |  Video) David Laborde Debucquet, Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI (Presentation  |  Video) Kimberly Ann Elliot, Visiting Fellow, Center for Global Development (Video) Michael…

Country Workshop

Developing the Seed Sector: What Role for Policy?

The systematic and continuous introduction of improved seed varieties and their widespread adoption by farmers are a vital dimension of sustained agricultural productivity growth. Policy initiatives can play a major role in this process. This workshop…


Feed the Future DATATHON

Gender, Climate Change and Nutrition Integration showcase findings from the harmonized data in Bangladesh.