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Policy Seminar

High Food Prices

Joachim von Braun, director general of IFPRI, launched the policy seminar by stating that both supply and demand factors are contributing to the current food price crisis. This crisis comes at a time when the world’s income distribution is more…


Improving WTO Transparency: Shadow Domestic Support Notifications

One of the fundamental achievements of the Uruguay Round of multilateral trade negotiations that established the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1994 was to create the first multilateral framework for disciplines on domestic farm support. However,…

Policy Seminar

Taking Action for the World's Poor and Hungry People

Despite much progress reducing poverty worldwide, a substantial number of the world’s poorest people are being left behind. New IFPRI research finds that 162 million of the world’s poorest people — the “ultra poor” — survive on less than 50 cents a…

Policy Seminar

The Urbanization of Global Poverty: New Estimates

One-quarter of the world’s consumption poor live in urban areas and that the proportion has been rising over time. By fostering economic growth, urbanization helped reduce absolute poverty in the aggregate but did little for urban poverty. Over…

Policy Seminar

Indigenous Peoples and Economic Opportunities in Latin America

Despite the significant progress Latin America has made in reducing poverty for millions of its poorest citizens, abject poverty persists for more than 80 percent of its indigenous peoples. In this seminar, Emmanuel Skoufias will present findings from…

Policy Seminar

Social Protection to Overcome Poverty Traps and Aid Traps

A growing proportion of development assistance is being devoted to relief efforts. This signals a worrisome pattern in which increasingly large numbers of vulnerable people have become trapped at low living standards from which they have difficulty…