Key WEAI Publications

WEAI Resource Center

Baseline Report

Measuring Progress Toward Empowerment: Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index
Feed the Future/IFPRI/OPHI Report. May 2014

Peer-reviewed Publications

Using cognitive interviewing to improve the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index survey instruments: Evidence from Bangladesh and Uganda
Hazel J. Malapit, Kathryn Sproule, and Chiara Kovarik
Journal of Gender, Agriculture and Food Security (Agri-Gender) 2(2): 1-22 2017

Assessing the Cognitive Validity of the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index Instrument in the Haiti Multi-Sectoral Baseline Survey
Kiersten B. Johnson and Pablo Diego-Rosell
Survey Practice 8(2) 2015

Discussion Papers

Empowerment and Agricultural Production: Evidence from Rural Households in Niger?
Fleur Wouterse
IFPRI Discussion Paper.February 2016

What dimensions of women’s empowerment in agriculture matter for nutrition-related practices and outcomes in Ghana?
Hazel Malapit and Agnes R. Quisumbing
IFPRI Discussion Paper. August 2014

Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture, Production Diversity and Nutrition: Evidence from Nepal
Hazel Malapit, Suneetha Kadiyala, Agnes R. Quisumbing, Kenda Cunningham and Parul Tyagi.
IFPRI Discussion Paper. December 2013

Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture: What Role for Improving Food Security in Bangladesh?
Esha Sraboni, Hazel Malapit, Agnes Quisumbing and Akhter Ahmed.
IFPRI Discussion Paper. November 2013

The Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index
Sabina Alkire, Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Amber Peterman, Agnes R. Quisumbing, Greg Seymour, and Ana Vaz.
IFPRI Discussion Paper. December 2012

Summary Brochure

Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index
IFPRI. February 2012


How I learned to stop worrying and love the Index
IFPRI. April 2012

Technical Report

The Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI): Results from the 2011-2012 Bangladesh Integrated Household Survey