PM2A - Preventing Malnutrition in Children under 2 Approach
A preventive approach designed to target all children 6–23 months of age with similar food, health, and nutrition services until they are 24 months of age, developed by IFPRI, Cornell University, and World Vision–Haiti under the USAID's Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANTA) project.

School feeding best practices
A study that examines the economic motivation behind the use of Food for Education (FFE)/school feeding programs to increase investments in education and nutrition. It also reviews the empirical evidence of the impact of FFE programs on education and nutrition outcomes for primary-school-aged children in developing countries.

Learning materials for policy analysis
A range of policy analysis learning materials covering all thematic areas of IFPRI research and methods, including agricultural policy, markets, food security, nutrition, and others.

Collective Action and Property Rights/Collective action knowledge baseImage of CAPRi logo

This site contains analysis and practices on the ways that collective action and property rights institutions influence the efficiency, equity, and sustainability of natural resource use and reduce poverty.