AGRODEP seeks to: i) promote access to state-of-the-art economic modeling tools to enable high-quality, locally-based research; ii) facilitate access to existing datasets, improve the quality of such datasets, and raise their local content and relevance; and iii) support collaboration among leading African scientists and their peers outside Africa.

AGRODEP provides a set of integrated visualization tools to easily capture and present data from the AGRODEP web portal including Arrow map, bubble map, bubble map with timeline, shaded map, shaded map with timeline. The tools can be embedded anywhere in web sites or can be printed easily.

Agriculture Water Management Solutions Investment Visualizer
This application and tool for covering Africa south of the Sahara and South Asia helps policymakers and investors in agricultural water management assess such issues as smallholder water use and consumption by country and region.

Arab Spatial
An online atlas covering the 22 member countries of the Arab League of Nations. Among the special features of Arab Spatial is the focus on the linkages between food security and development and the combination of indicators at the national, subnational, and pixel levels, often available as time-series data.

Food Security CASE Maps
Climate, Agriculture and Socio-Economic Maps

An interactive visualization tool, developed in partnership with StatPlanet, to provide detailed information about a diversity of indicators, including subnational crop area and yields, national average calorie availability, and international trade flows. For more information, visit the Food Security CASE Maps blog.

Food Security Portal
Open access policy information portal facilitated by IFPRI

Gender Tool Box
A website that provides a wide variety of analytical tools, datasets, databases, and indicators to assist researchers when applying gender analysis to their work on food and nutrition security and other poverty-reduction topics.

An initiative, jointly led with the University of Minnesota’s International Science and Technology Practice and Policy program, to generate knowledge products to help guide strategic investments to improve the well-being of poor people in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia through more productive and profitable farming.

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IMEEL - Mobile Experimental Economics Laboratory
An initiative designed to implement economics experiments in the field to better understand the behavior of smallholders and the poor in rural areas, especially in Africa, Central America and the Caribbean, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

Latin America and Caribbean E-Atlas
An interactive e-atlas that allows users to examine each country’s regions by agricultural potential, farm efficiency, district-level poverty, and access costs. Separating regions into these detailed typologies will allow researchers and policymakers to tailor policies to each region’s specific needs and constraints.

An interview-based mapping tool that helps people understand, visualize, discuss, and improve situations in which many different actors influence outcomes. Net-Map helps stakeholders to determine which actors are involved in a given network, how they are linked, how influential they are, and what their goals are.