ReSAKSS - Image of ReSAKSS WebsiteRegional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System
Africa-focused database nodes that compile, analyze, and disseminate data, information, and tools to help design, implement, monitor, and evaluate rural development strategies.

Asia-focused database nodes that compile, analyze, and disseminate data, information, and tools to help design, implement, monitor, and evaluate rural development strategies.

BioConserv, a bibliography developed with Bioversity International, focuses on the conservation of plant and livestock genetic resources in developing economies, divided into three major thematic topics: biodiversity of crops and plants, animal genetic resources conservation and sustainable use, and biodiversity measurements.

bEcon is a bibliography of peer-reviewed literature that assesses the impacts of genetically engineered crops in developing countries.

Dietary Diversity as a Household Food Security Indicator
User-friendly, cost-effective approaches to measuring changes in dietary quantity and quality and feeding behaviors at both the household and individual levels, developed in partnership with USAID-FANTA.

Food Security Portal
Open access policy information portal facilitated by IFPRI

Indicators for Assessing Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices
A summary of new and updated indicators to assess infant and young-child feeding and includes an operational guide on measurement issues and an update on the indicator values for 54 countries using data from demographic and health surveys.

ASTI Indicators
ASTI The ASTI initiative collects substantial original data focused on low- and middle-income countries on institutional developments, investments, and capacity in agricultural R&D at national, regional, and global levels. ASTI outputs describe trends in human and financial capacity in agricultural R&D at national levels, along with information on comparative agricultural R&D performance across countries and regions.

IFPRI food policy datasets
A collection of more than 70 publicly accessible datasets covering many aspects of agriculture and rural development, and training manuals on how to employ many of these tools.

Global Hunger Index (GHI)
Image of GHI mapThe Global Hunger Index monitors the incidence of hunger in various developing countries based on three equally weighted indicators.

India State Hunger Index 2008
The India State Hunger Index 2008 monitors the incidence and highlights the overall hunger situation in India, while revealing the variation in hunger across states within that country.

MAcMap-HS6: Market Access Map at the HS6 level Image of MacMap map
A detailed protection database on bound and applied tariffs for 171 importers and 209 exporters over 5,113 products for the year 2004. It is the richest global analytical tariff database and is widely used for assessing protection, performing econometric analysis and computing detailed tariff scenarios for trade negotiations.

Statistics of Public Expenditure for Economic Development (SPEED)
Database of public expenditure information for 67 countries and six sectors: agriculture, education, health, defense, social protection, and transportation and communication, for the time period 1980-2007.

TASTE: Tariff Analytical and Simulation Tool for EconomistsImage of TASTE graph
A dedicated software to analyse applied trade policies and perform detailed trade policy scenarios based on the MAcMap-HS6 database. It has been developed to provide valuable inputs for the GTAP model but can work as a stand-alone application