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Increasing Agricultural Productivity Critical to Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa

Nov 1, 2011
United States

In order for agricultural productivity to improve the lives of the poor, it needs a supportive environment, particularly increased access to markets.

Markets in particular pose a major challenge to poor people in rural areas. “Improving rural infrastructure to facilitate trade of goods—both at the country level, and across borders—would serve as an opportunity to improve food security in Africa,” said Abebe Haile-Gebriel, director of the AUC’s Rural Economy and Agriculture Division.

Experts at the conference will also examine issues related to:

  • science, technology, and innovation in agriculture;
  • rural services and access to inputs;
  • markets, trade, and regional integration and value chains;
  • investments, institutions, and policies for supporting agriculture;
  • agriculture, nutrition, and health linkages;
  • agriculture and climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  • capacity development for agriculture through education and training; and
  • the nexus of agriculture and the rural nonfarm sector in growth and poverty reduction

“Innovations in investment, institutions, technology, strategy, and partnerships will enhance productivity and greatly enhance food and nutrition security in Africa,” said Fan.

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