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IFPRI's vision is a world free of hunger and malnutrition. Its mission is to provide research-based policy solutions that sustainably reduce poverty and end hunger and malnutrition. Our research focuses on six strategic areas.

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EDITORIAL: Decline in hunger (The Himalayan Times)

The editorial board of The Himalayan Times wrote an editorial about Nepal's standing in the 2016 Global Hunger Index, released last week. According to the piece, published on Oct. 17, "Nepal should take a cue from its rating in the GHI and strive to…

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Three myths about rural women (Reuters)

IFPRI Senior Research Fellows  Ruth Meinzen-Dick  and  Agnes Quisumbing  and Research Analyst  Sophie Theis  wrote an op-ed debunking common myths about women in agriculture. The authors wrote that "widely circulated myths do contain a kernel of truth: in…

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Sweet potato Vitamin A research wins World Food Prize (BBC)

The BBC featured Dr. Howarth Bouis in a story about the 2016 World Food Prize winners. Dr. Bouis recieved the award for his work promoting biofortification at a ceremony in Iowa this week. Read more about Dr. Bouis' work and the World Food Prize in a…

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India ranked 97th of 118 in Global Hunger Index (The Times of India)

The Times of India covered the 2016 Global Hunger Index, noting that India ranked 97th on the list. According to the article, published on Oct. 13, "[c]ountries worse than India include extremely poor African countries such as Niger, Chad, Ethiopia…

Press Release

Global Hunger Index 2016 Fact Sheet

Key Findings and Trends Scores among the 118 countries in the report varied widely. Scores of 9.9 or lower denote low hunger; scores between 35.0 and 49.9 denote alarming hunger. This year no countries hit the threshold of 50, which signifies…

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These Countries Have the World's Highest Levels of Hunger (Newsweek)

Lucy Westcott of Newsweek wrote a story about the  2016 Global Hunger Index  that examined the countries with the world levels of hunger. "Chad and the Central African Republic have the highest levels of hunger in this year’s index, in addition to some…