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IFPRI's vision is a world free of hunger and malnutrition. Its mission is to provide research-based policy solutions that sustainably reduce poverty and end hunger and malnutrition. Our research focuses on six strategic areas.

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Tanzania: The state of the world's diet, with Graça Machel (AllAfrica)

The  2016 Global Nutrition Report  Tanzania launch was the highlight of this  AllAfrica article. IFPRI Researcher and report co-author,  Lawrence Haddad  made comment that, "[m]alnutrition isn't destiny... it's a political choice[,]" citing international…

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Slow economic growth clouds fight against poverty (Dawn)

IFPRI Senior Research Fellow David Laborde 's study on the economic downturn's impact on combatting poverty was picked up in several newspapers, including Pakistan's oldest and most widely read English-language newspaper  Dawn and Bangladesh's Daily…

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Irrigation on rise in Africa as farmers face erratic weather (Reuters)

IFPRI Senior Research Fellow Ruth Meinzen-Dick and Research Fellow Dawit Mekonnen were both mentioned in a Reuters article about irrigation. Published on the heels of World Water Week, the article was picked up by The Daily Mail and other outlets. The…

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US food versus fuel: a debate losing its rage (Financial Times)

IFPRI Senior Research Fellow Joseph Glauber, who previously served as the chief economist at the USDA, was quoted in a story from The Financial Times about the food vs. fuel argument surrounding corn and biofuels. Said Glauber: "“What strikes is how…