2011 Global food policy report [in Chinese]

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
global food policy report

The 2011 Global Food Policy Report is a new annual IFPRI publication that provides a comprehensive, research-based analysis of major food policy challenges at the global, regional, national, and local levels. It highlights important developments and events in food policy that occurred in 2011, discusses lessons learned, offers policy recommendations, presents IFPRI’s food policy tools and indicators, and takes a look forward into 2012. The Report reflects perspectives from across the globe. Its nine chapters, written by IFPRI researchers and other food policy experts, provide state-of-the-art analysis on such crucial topics as:

  • food price levels and volatility
  • natural and human-caused disasters
  • climate change
  • biofuels
  • the links between agriculture and nutrition, health, water, and energy
  • sustainable land management
  • regional developments
  • new players in global food policy

The Report features numerous tables, figures, infographics, and maps, as well as a collection of stakeholders’ thoughts on what influenced food policy in 2011.

Preface p. vii; Acknowledgments p. ix; Overview: Major Food Policy Developments in 2011, Shenggen Fan, IFPRI p. 1; What Influenced Food Policy in 2011? p. 11; Chapter 2, Food Prices: Riding the Rollercoaster, Maximo Torero, IFPRI, p. 15; Chapter 3, Disasters: Déjà Vu in the Horn of Africa, Derek Headey, IFPRI, p. 25; Chapter 4, Climate Change and Agriculture: Modest Advances, Stark New Evidence, Gerald C. Nelson and Tolulope Olofinbiyi, IFPRI, p. 39; Chapter 5, Biofuels, Environment, and Food: The Story Gets More Complicated, David Laborde and Siwa Msangi, IFPRI, p. 49; Chapter 6, Agriculture, Nutrition, and Health: Connecting the Dots, Rajul Pandya-Lorch, Heidi Fritschel, Zhenya Karelina, and Sivan Yosef, IFPRI, p. 55; Chapter 7, Land Degradation: Land under Pressure, Ephraim Nkonya, Jawoo Koo, and Paswel Marenya, IFPRI, Rachel Licker, University of Wisconsin, Madison, p. 63; Chapter 8 New Players: Stepping into the Global Food System, Kevin Chen and P. K. Joshi, IFPRI, p. 69; Chapter 9, Regional Developments: Food Policy Taking Shape at the Local Level, p. 79; Food Policy Tools and Indicators p. 88; Notes p. 105; Contributors p. 112