Alimentar la mente para combatir el hambre

un mundo libre del hambre

The Feeding Minds, Fighting Hunger lessons have been developed as a starting point for teachers to introduce the topic of world hunger to their students. Given the wide variety of problems, cultures and environments around the world, the lessons have been prepared as a framework for teachers, with the understanding that teachers will need to tailor the scope, language, discussions and activities provided for each lesson to fit their students and local conditions. All levels cover the topics of What are hunger and malnutrition, and who are the hungry? Why are people hungry and malnourished? and What can we do to help end hunger? Each lesson contains Objectives, Concepts and Activities to engage students in a discussion about these serious and persistent problems. Three lessons are provided for each of three school levels: primary, intermediate, and secondary. The lessons have been directed towards the middle of the developmental skills range for each level. As grade levels and student ages are defined differently around the world, teachers will need to examine the lessons and select the materials that best match their students’ level of cognitive development, making modifications as necessary.

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Alimentar la mente para combatir el hambre Asociación. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations