Knowledge and Innovation Conference


The objectives of the conference are to showcase research results and other experiences in agricultural knowledge and innovation systems for development; show useful methods and applications of the knowledge base for scaling up and out; provide a forum for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from different sectors to discuss issues in agricultural knowledge and innovation systems; and identify areas for further research, advocacy, and international cooperation in knowledge and innovation systems. Thus, the conference will contribute to the higher goal of improving smallholder livelihoods worldwide through better application, research, and policies.

Outputs and Milestones

The major output will be a book on knowledge and innovation system experiences for improving developing-country agriculture. The book will show knowledge and innovation system frameworks, applications, methods, and empirical research results. It will be made available online and in hard copy to participants and other interested parties by the end of 2008.

Other outputs include

  • Papers on relevant topics
  • Policy briefs
  • A website with conference results and materials

Impact and Beneficiaries

Policymakers will receive policy briefs and other information by email, mail, or the website detailing how knowledge and innovation systems can be strengthened and improved to address problems of hunger and poverty.

Scholars and practitioners will be able to discuss and find common ground and understanding on innovation systems thinking, methods, and applications for developing-country agriculture. Conference materials will be available through the book and the website.

Smallholders will ultimately benefit, first, from improved policies; second, through research that specifically addresses and the complex innovation systems in which smallholders are embedded; and, third, through wider and more consistent application of innovation systems approaches.