Measuring health and nutrition in Haiti

At IFPRI, we are saddened by the great loss of life and livelihoods in Haiti as a result of the recent earthquake. We have significant ties to the country, having long conducted research on nutrition and health in Haiti.

IFPRI has also initiated a research program on recovering from and rebuilding food security after emergencies and crises. We will redouble our efforts in these areas and will strive to answer some of the numerous questions that have arisen:

  • What policies or strategies could have prevented or minimized the loss of lives and assets?
  • How can we improve the responses to emergencies when they occur?
  • How can rebuilding efforts be integrated into relief efforts from the very beginning?
  • How can public service institutions—such as those in education, health, and agricultural technology—be rebuilt to ensure a speedy and sustainable recovery of economic growth and development?
  • What is the role of social protection in rebuilding after crisis, in the short and middle term?

We send our deepest condolences to our colleagues and partners in Haiti, and all Haitians, and encourage individuals to contribute in any way they can to the massive international relief effort that is underway.

Shenggen Fan
Director General

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