Source: 2010 Andrew McConnell/Panos

Annual Report 2009

Rebuilding after Emergencies and Crises

As the 2015 deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals looms on the horizon, the number of poor and hungry people is increasing. It is clear that if the global development community continues business as usual, it will fall short of meeting the first goal of halving the percentage of hungry people between 1990 and 2015. Instead, “business as unusual” is required. In the food policy report Halving Hunger: Meeting the First Millennium Development Goal through Business as Unusual, Director General Shenggen Fan explains the elements of such an approach to tackling world hunger: invest in agriculture and targeted social protection programs; involve new players, including the private sector and emerging economies; adopt a country-led, bottom-up approach; scale up pilot programs that have proven successful in impartial monitoring evaluations; honor financial and policy commitments; and maintain mutual accountability at both the global and national levels.

Other focal areas under the Risks and Emergencies theme include: