Millions Fed examined the lessons learned from agricultural successes

Annual Report 2009

2020 Vision Initiative

Millions Fed: Proven Successes in Agricultural Development

The 2020 Vision Initiative, which seeks to develop a consensus for action through policy information and consultation, was engaged in a major project throughout the past year. The Millions Fed project examines the valuable lessons learned from 20 different agricultural successes around the world, including, for example, the international effort to breed rust-resistant wheat, West African farmers’ rediscovery of soil management practices in the arid Sahel, and Bangladesh’s homestead food production initiative. The 20 case studies included in the book Millions Fed: Proven Successes in Agricultural Development were selected through a rigorous vetting process and presented globally in a variety of formats using an unprecedented communications campaign. In addition to the book, the project produced a booklet, a compendium of technical papers, a full-length video and trailer, an official website, and a series of discussion papers. 2020 Vision also hosted 10 international events, including book launches and policy seminars, as a part of the Millions Fed project. The project recently won the 2010 Agricultural Applied Economics Association (AAEA) Quality of Communication Award.

2020 Focus Briefs

In early 2010, 2020 Vision produced two sets of focus briefs with FPRI researchers and external collaborators. The briefs in Innovations in Insuring the Poor describe ways to improve insurance markets, credit, savings, and other social protection policies to enable poor households to better manage agricultural and health risks. The briefs in Innovations in Rural and Agriculture Finance focus on the potential for rural financial services to improve the livelihoods and food security of the poor. The authors look at specific issues related to implementation and operations in an effort to identify ways to strengthen service provision to rural households.

2020 Conference: Leveraging Agriculture for Improving Nutrition and Health

The 2020 Vision Initiative is coordinating an international conference in New Delhi to discuss the potential of agriculture—as a supplier of food, a source of income, and an engine of growth—to sustainably reduce malnutrition and ill health for the world’s poor people. The February 2011 conference—the fifth in a series of 2020 conferences on emerging topics—will enable experts and stakeholders to set an agenda for maximizing the positive synergies between agriculture, nutrition, and health through action and investment. In the lead-up to the conference, 2020 Vision has commissioned research papers and briefs and is organizing seminars.