Source: © 2011 Chris Stowers/Panos

Annual Report 2011

Sustainable agricultural production demands the preservation of natural resources like land, water, soil, and energy. To achieve this, farmers in developing countries need access to appropriate technologies, as well as secure land and water rights and the capacity to make use of both. IFPRI research in this area assesses policies and institutions for appropriate land, water, and energy management.

Key Research and Outcomes from 2011

  • In an issue brief titled Economics of Land Degradation, IFPRI authors explained that while initial investments may seem prohibitive, the costs of preventing land degradation are much lower than the costs in the long run of not taking action.

  • The Systemwide Program on Collective Action and Property Rights (CAPRi) worked closely with the Foundation for Ecological Security in hosting a biennial conference in support of common-pool resources (especially land), which led to Rajasthan, India, adopting a pro-poor commons policy.