Food Secure Arab World conference

Annual Report 2011

For IFPRI to inform sound food policy decisions and have a lasting effect on the ground, its capacity to implement policies and replicate research methods must be strong. Through its partnership, impact, and capacity-strengthening activities, IFPRI reinforces its commitment to collaboration, accountability, and results.

In 2011, the partnership team developed an IFPRI Partnership Strategy which will contribute to the Institute’s new strategy. The team also maintained an active role in the development and coordination of long-term partnerships with global institutions such as IFAD and WFP.

The partnership team played a leading role in organizing the International Food Secure Arab World Conference, which took place in Beirut, Lebanon. More than 200 people from over 24 countries attended the lively and successful two-day event.

After assessing the organizational capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture in Bangladesh, IFPRI developed an operational framework for an Agricultural Policy Support Unit, where researchers will work directly with the Ministry to provide real-time data and timely results.