Annual Report 2011

Organizational Structure 2011

Director General
Shenggen Fan
2020 Vision Initiative
Rajul Pandya-Lorch
Development Strategy and Governance**
Paul Dorosh
West and Central Africa
Ousmane Badiane
Environment and Production Technology
Mark Rosegrant
East and Southern Africa
Kwadwo Asenso-Okyere
Markets, Trade, and Institutions
Maximo Torero
Latin America
Maximo Torero
Poverty, Health, and Nutrition
Marie Ruel
New Delhi Office*
P.K. Joshi
Klaus von Grebmer
HarvestPlus® Challenge Program
(with CIAT)
Howarth Bouis
Finance and Administration
David Governey
*Ashok Gulati was the director of the New Delhi Office through March 2011.
**Margaret McMillan was the director of the Development Strategy and Governance Division through March 2011.