2020 Vision

2020 Vision for Food, Agriculture, and the Environment

IFPRI's 2020 Vision is a world where every person has access to sufficient food to sustain a healthy and productive life, where malnutrition is absent, and where food originates from efficient, effective, and low-cost food systems that are compatible with sustainable use of natural resources.

The 2020 Vision Initiative has two primary objectives:


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2020 Conference on "Building Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security"

Featured Publications: 

Country Development Strategy

This project’s overall goal is to promote greater progress toward sustainable and pro-poor growth in developing countries by improving the design and implementation of development strategies. The specific objectives are to:

  • identify the factors determining countries choices of different development pathways;
  • develop typologies that capture the defining characteristics and stages of development of developing countries;

Diet Quality and Health of the Poor

The focus of this research is on programs and policies to improve the diet quality, nutritional status, and health of mothers, infants, and young children in impoverished environments. The action-oriented research focuses on intervening to improve nutrition during the “window of opportunity”—the 1000 days from conception to when the child reaches 24 months of age—and on preventing, rather than treating, childhood undernutrition, as well as analyzing patterns and trends in undernutrition to inform program and policy design.

Related Programs: 

Global Food and Natural Resources

Strategies and Policies for Adapting to Global Change

IFPRI’s research on global change seeks to identify and evaluate policy and investment options that can help global change benefit poor people. Global change includes both natural and human-induced change such as climate change, globalization, and demographic changes. Over the coming decades, global change will significantly affect the food and water security and livelihoods of poor workers. Scenarios will help determine expected risks and patterns of change, as well as potential response options.

Related Programs: 

Globalization and Markets

The overall objective of the globalization and markets research program is to support the adoption of policies for more efficient functioning of the global food, nutrition, and agricultural system.

A better-functioning global system will enhance inclusion of low income countries and improve food and nutrition security of poor people.