Adewale Oparinde



Research Fellow


Adewale Oparinde is a Research Fellow for the HarvestPlus program at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and is a member of the impact research team. He joined IFPRI in 2011 as an associate research fellow to lead impact research on technology adoption and acceptance in Nigeria. Adewale has a multidisciplinary background in economics, biological sciences, policy, and environmental management. He received his Ph.D. with specialization in Agricultural and Resource Economics in 2011 from the Rural Economics and Environmental Policy research group at the Land Economy Department, University of Cambridge. Also, he holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Management and an MPhil degree in Environmental Policy from Cambridge. Adewale has completed several professional trainings including Oracle DBA and social program evaluation at MIT. Prior to joining IFPRI, he worked in the private sector for more than five years developing and implementing quality control and assurance programs, and environmental management systems for two Fortune 500 companies. He has consulted for organizations such as the FAO, UNDP and ILRI on diverse development and agricultural issues. Adewale has participated in policy discussions and debates at the 2009 UN General Assembly on UN youth programs to foster gender and social inclusion issues.

His research interests include microeconomic analysis of the nexus between agriculture, food security, environment and governance issues. His current research work includes leading and supporting non-randomized impact assessment and randomized evaluation studies in Rwanda, Nigeria, Burundi, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Guatemala to measure the impact of biofortification program on adoption, consumption, nutrition and gender outcomes. He has been part of a team of experts that designed and implemented the DFID/IFPRI/RVC/Berkeley Avian Influenza Pro-Poor Risk Reduction Strategy project in Africa and Asia. Most of his research work use experimental, applied microeconometric and qualitative research methods. Adewale is experienced in research project implementation in rural areas of developing countries and in mainstreaming research into policy by engaging stakeholders at various levels.