Anna Vanderkooy



Project Coordinator

Anna Vanderkooy works in the Markets, Trade & Institutions Division, as a project coordinator based in Dakar. She coordinates several projects in Senegal, including Making Family Farmers more Productive: Evaluating the Brazilian Model in Malawi and Senegal. Anna has been living in Dakar since 2012, where she was formerly coordinating an evaluation in parental practices and infant language development with Stanford University. She has held positions in research, project implementation, and coordination with Tostan, Environment Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, and the University of Waterloo. Anna studied indigenous culture and environment with the University of Manitoba in Panniqtuuq (Canada) in 2009, and geography and agricultural land acquisitions at the Université Gaston Berger in Saint-Louis (Senegal) in 2009, 2010, and 2012. She holds a Bachelor of Environment from the University of Waterloo (Canada).

Languages spoken: English, French

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