Cecile Martignac



Visiting Fellow

Cecile Martignac, a geographer, is a member of the HarvestChoice team as a visiting research fellow from CIRAD (French Agricultural Research for Development).

Prior to her time at IFPRI, Cecile worked 10 years in Madagascar and Reunion Island. She is also an adjunct professor at the Department of Geography and Geomatic Sciences at the University of Laval in Quebec, Canada. She has studied the different ways to build spatial and geographical information in local development processes when official data and statistics are lacking. Particularly, she works on Public Participatory Geographical Information Systems (PPGIS) in order to transform local knowledge into actionable validated and recognized information for agriculture and rural development.

For her HarvestChoice project, she will explore the relevancy of using PPGIS and local knowledge as a way to assess and to improve large-scale spatial tools for food security in Sub-Saharian Africa. Cecile studied at the Geographical Institute of Paris-Sorbonne University and got her PhD in Geography from University of Montpellier (France).