Josee Randriamamonjy



Senior Research Analyst


Josée Randriamamonjy joined the Development Strategy and Governance Division of IFPRI in 2006. Her research topics cover the driving forces affecting the global food system, their links to agricultural production, and related policy options to better achieve reducing poverty, food insecurity, and malnutrition. Previously she worked in the Poverty, Health, and Nutrition Division of IFPRI where her work focused on assessing the impacts of the UNICEF nutrition interventions in Ghana, and on poverty analysis in Mozambique. Prior to her work at IFPRI, she was in charge of the Modeling Service of the National Statistics Institute of Madagascar. She received her M.S. in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University and her M.A. in Economic Policy Management from Auvergne University (CERDI) in France.

Current Research: Employment, Youth and Rural Development

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