Agricultural Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy

Sustained investment in agricultural science, technology, and innovation (ST&I) is critical to increasing agricultural productivity, reducing poverty, and fostering economy-wide growth in many developing countries. Evidence from the past five decades demonstrates that well-designed and effectively-implemented ST&I policies can enhance agricultural productivity, contribute to better management of scarce natural resources, and improve livelihoods.

Yet ST&I remains an overlooked and underfunded dimension of growth and poverty reduction agendas in many developing countries. Insufficient attention is paid to policies, investments, and programs that incentivize investment in scientific research and the development of goods and services that embody good science for the agricultural sector.

IFPRI is working to draw more attention to this topic by focusing its research on the analysis of optimal investment, collaboration, and risk management strategies that improve the development and delivery of scientific knowledge, technology products, and innovative approaches to improving agriculture. IFPRI’s high-quality policy research, supported by concerted capacity strengthening and communications efforts, is meant to influence the design and implementation of effective and far-sighted ST&I policies.