Country Development Strategy

This program's overall goal is to promote greater progress toward sustainable and pro-poor growth in developing countries by improving the design and implementation of development strategies. The specific objectives are to:  

  • identify the factors determining countries choices of different development pathways;  
  • develop typologies that capture the defining characteristics and stages of development of developing countries;  
  • identify the preconditions for successful policy changes in selected countries that have experienced successful forward leaps in economic growth and poverty reduction;
  • identify the types of development strategies that make sense for countries with different initial conditions by examining the role of agriculture and the linkages between agriculture and the rural and urban nonfarm economy at multiple levels for example, national and subnational;
  • develop analytical tools that are useful for countries undertaking strategic planning in the agricultural sector;
  • assess the characteristics of successful agriculturally-relevant strategies;
  • develop and test an integrated strategic planning package for agricultural ministries, including comprehensive conceptual frameworks, analytical tools, decision support systems, and knowledge management systems; and
  • support individual country efforts to incorporate information on development options and strategies into their strategic planning and implementation processes.