Mozambique Strategy Support Program

The agricultural sector, which has seen rapid growth in the past decade, is a vital income source for 80 percent of Mozambique’s adult population. It accounts for more than a quarter of the country’s GDP and provides key inputs into manufacturing. Rapid reduction in poverty in Mozambique will require sustained agricultural growth and associated linkages to support growth in the overall economy. Thus, increasing agricultural productivity is a top priority for the Mozambican government.

The Mozambique Strategy Support Program (MozSSP) is designed to support these efforts to reduce poverty in Mozambique through evidence-based research, capacity strengthening and policy communications. MozSSP operated through a country office in Maputo until late-2012, but has continued thereafter to provide support to Mozambican policy—especially, but not limited to, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Directorate of Economics—through sustained research, in collaboration with several partner institutions based in the country.

Current research of MozSSP is designed to inform the implementation of Mozambique’s CAADP process and includes, for example, studies on public investments in agriculture and nutrition, extension services on sustainable land management practices, land tenure of smallholders, and economywide analysis of alternative growth scenarios.

Funding for MozSSP is provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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