Nigeria Strategy Support Program

After years of decline, agricultural growth in Nigeria—the key to lifting the country out of poverty—is rising. However, this growth is currently neither sustainable nor pro-poor, as it is mainly driven by expanded land use, not improved productivity, and the poorest and most vulnerable are not sufficiently benefitting from its effects. Furthermore, the performance of the sector is still far below its potential, as evidenced in past decades, when Nigeria used to export cocoa, groundnut, and other crops in large amounts. The Nigerian government is working on policy and investment strategies to enhance agricultural growth while simultaneously making it sustainable and pro-poor, but progress is hindered by incongruous targets, as well as inadequate evidence-based analysis to guide the sequencing and prioritization of activities.
The Nigeria Strategy Support Program (NSSP) is mainly funded by the United States Agency for International Develo pment (USAID) to respond to the research, analysis, and capacity needs of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) and other key stakeholders in the Nigerian agricultural research and policy community, and to assist the government of Nigeria and the private sector to enhance the productivity of the agricultural sector and the agricultural growth and poverty reduction contributions of such productivity increases.

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Senior Research Fellow, Development Strategy & Governance Division
Program Leader, Nigeria Strategy Support Program
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