Rural-Urban Linkages

The main objective of IFPRI's urban-rural linkages research is to analyze policy options to strengthen urban-rural linkages and promote the integration between rural and urban areas rather than their separateness, thereby reducing both rural and urban poverty. More
specifically, the program will conduct research and outreach activities that analyze the policy and investment options that that will not only promote stronger links between rural and urban areas for higher urban and rural growth and poverty reduction but also reduce the transfer costs that subsequently hinder market integration between rural and urban areas.

The project will initially focus on the following issues:

  • Analysis of policy options and institutional designs that enhance smooth rural-urban migration, and the development of nonfarm activities;
  • Research for reducing institutional and policy barriers that hinder interlinkages between rural and urban product markets, particularly for high value commodities;
  • Evaluation of successful best practices in integrating rural and urban financial and capital markets and other services; and
  • Analysis of the appropriate role of small- and medium-sized rural towns in developing linkages between rural and urban areas.