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Partnerships and Business Development

As a leading food policy research organization that partners for impact, IFPRI works closely with its stakeholders to pursue evidence-based food policy research solutions through high-quality multidisciplinary research and by translating its research…


Pro-Poor Public Investment

As policymakers decide how to allocate public spending to achieve higher growth and poverty reduction, they need a clear understanding of how public investments translate into development outcomes. In many cases policymakers also need better…


Program for Biosafety Systems

Smallholder farmers in 18 countries successfully grow crops developed through modern biotechnology. Visit PBS Website


Rebuilding after Emergencies and Crises

Developing countries are frequently confronted with emergencies such as natural disasters, civil wars, financial crises and other social and political conflicts.  These emergencies cause severe losses in social and productive assets, the dislocation…


Rural-Urban Linkages

The main objective of IFPRI's urban-rural linkages research is to analyze policy options to strengthen urban-rural linkages and promote the integration between rural and urban areas rather than their separateness, thereby reducing both rural and urban…


Strengthening Property Rights and Assets

Property rights are essential for ensuring that natural resource assets, including land, water, and minerals, are used and maintained properly. Such rights can be designed and enforced formally by governments and courts as well as informally by…

Water resource allocation

Water Resource Allocation

Clean freshwater is essential to sustain life, enable development, and support a healthy environment. Due to population and...