The Bhoochetna Plus Initiative

What is the challenge?

In the state of Karnataka in Southern India, agricultural productivity has been low for the past few years, even in rain-fed areas. A cause for concern, the situation prompted senior government officials from the Department of Agriculture, Watersheds, Economics and Statistics, University of Agricultural Sciences, and scientists from Bengaluru, Dharwad, Raichur and ICRISAT to brainstorm strategies for reversing this trend and begin the Bhoochetna Plus Initiative.

Key Aims

Making a difference in the lives of farmers in the 30 districts of Karnataka by increasing average productivity of selected crops by 20 per cent in four years. To further delineate –

  • To increase the productivity of the agricultural systems by 20 per cent.
  • To enhance average family income by 25 per cent.
  • To establish pilots and innovation platforms for farmers, line departments, researchers and policy makers.
  • To reduce vulnerability of farmers to changes due to climate change and market forces.
  • To develop strategy for sustainable eco-friendly production systems, using selected system level interventions.

Project Activities & Outputs

The focal point of the project is soil-test based nutrient management with a major thrust on micronutrient application, supply, and distribution of inputs at 50 percent incentive at cluster village level. The project also aims to disseminate useful information through village meetings and wall writings, and to facilitite efficiency of extension services.

Basic Info

  • Region: State of Karnataka, India