1989 IFPRI Annual Report

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
annual report

CONTENTS: Introduction; Emphasizing agriculture in economic development -- is it a risky business? / John W. Mellor; Research results: Food data evaluation program; Changes in the trends of food production growth in developing countries; Trends in cassava production and consumption; Food production in China; Food production policy program; Generation and diffusion of modern agricultural technology; Accelerating growth with equity; Agricultural resources and the environmnet; Agricultural growth linkages program; Growth and equity in rural areas; Resource transfers in the national economy; Food consumption and nutrition policy program; Food subsidies in developing countries; Effects of commercialization on smallholder agriculture; Policies for famine prevention; Seasonal fluctuations in food consumption; Nutritional effects of technological change; Agriculture, health, and nutrition; International trade and food security program; National food supply mnagement; Trade and exchange rate policies; Agricultural protectionism and multilateral trade negotiations; Food aid; Outreach; Publications and papers; Personnel; Board of Trustees; Financial Statements