1990 IFPRI Annual Report

Message from the Chairman / Gerry Helleiner
Introduction / Just Faaland
Research results:
Food data evaluation program
World food trends and projections during this decade
Production and consumption of foodgrains in India
Poverty and technical change in China
Horticultural trade
Food production policy program
Generation and diffusion of modern agricultural technology
Accelerating growth with equity
Agricultural resources and the environment
Agricultural growth linkages program
Growth and equity in rural areas
Resource transfers in the national and provincial economies
Food consumption and nutrition policy program
Nutritional trends
Food security through interventions in labor and financial markets
Technological change and commercialization
Food crises and famines
Nature of hunger and malnutrition
Regional analysis of food security and nutrition
International trade and food security program
National policy issues
International policy issues
Publications and papers
Board of Trustees
Financial Statements

Published date: 
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)