Achieving sustainable food security for all by 2020

priorities and responsibilities


This call for priorities and responsiblities arose out of a major international conference on Sustainable Food Security for All by 2020," organized by IFPRI and its 2020 Vision Initiative in collaboration with partners in September 2001 in Bonn, Germany. IFPRI drafted an initial action plan and solicited feedback on it from the more than 900 policymakers, civil society leaders, private sector officials, academics, farmers, and others who attended the conference, as well as from many others. This document presents highlights of the revised action plan. It reflects the helpful advice received on that draft, but it does not represent a consensus as such. Rather, it reflects IFPRI's best judgment, as an institution, about the driving forces influencing the long-term prospects for food security and the actions needed over the next two decades to free humanity from the scourge of hunger. The action plan and the priorities and responsibilities it identifies are meant to help spur policymakers and others to take the necessary steps that are now so long overdue." -- Back cover.