Agricultural commercialization, economic development, and nutrition

Joachim von Braun, ed., Eileen T. Kennedy, ed.

Why should there be a book about the commercialization of subsistence agriculture, economic development, and nutrition? There are two compelling reasons. First, concerns and suspicions about adverse effects on the poor of commercialization of subsistence agriculture persist and influence policy of developing countries and of donor agencies. Second, in rural areas of low-income countries, nutritional welfare is determined by many complex factors whose relationships to agricultural commercialization and economic development need to be traced in order to design optimal rural growth policies that benefit the poor. In view of the challenges of rapid urbanization and the chances of commercialization, the question is not if subsistence agriculture should be overcome, but how. Thus, the purpose of this book is to clarify concepts, add comprehensive factual information, and assist policy and program analysts in identifying potentials and risks of promoting commercialization of agriculture for poverty alleviation.

Table of Contents:; JOACHIM VON BRAUN / Introduction and Overview. 3; JOACHIM VON BRAUN, HOWARTH BOUIS, AND EILEEN KENNEDY / Conceptual Framework. 11; JOACHIM VON BRAUN / Production, Employment, and Income Effects of Commercialization of Agriculture. 37 ; HOWARTH BOUIS / Consumption Effects of Commercialization of Agriculture. 65; EILEEN KENNEDY / Health and Nutrition Effects of Commercialization of Agriculture. 79; NURUL ISLAM / Commercialization of Agriculture and Food Security: Development Strategy and Trade Policy Issues. 103; TONG ZHONG, SCOTT ROZELLE, BRUCE STONE, JIANG DEHUA, CHEN JIYUAN, AND XUZ HIKANG. / China's Experience with Market Reform for Commercialization of Agriculture in Poor Areas. 119 ; RAISUDDIN AHMED / Investment in Rural Infrastructure: Critical for Commercialization in Bangladesh. 141; JOHN C. ABBOTT/ Agricultural Processing Enterprises: Development Potentials and Links to the Smallholder. 153 ; DAVID GLOVER / Contract Farming and Commercialization of Agriculture in Developing Countries. 166 ; TOSHIHIKO KAWAGOE / Income and Employment Generation from Agricultural Processing and Marketing at the Village Level: A Study in Upland Java, Indonesia. 176 ; JOACHIM VON BRAUN AND MAARTEN D.C. IMMINK / Nontraditional Vegetable Crops and Food Security among Smallholder Farmers in Guatemala. 189 ; HOWARTH BOUIS AND LAWRENCE J. HADDAD / The Nutrition Effects of Sugarcane Cropping in a Southern Philippine Province. 204 ; JOHN R. McCOMB, M. P. FINLAYSON, J. BRIAN HARDAKER, AND PETER F. HEYWOOD / The Effect of a Short-Lived Plantation on Income, Consumption, and Nutrition: An Example from Papua New Guinea. 218 ; HAROLD ALDERMAN / Why Should It Matter What Commodity Is the Source of Agricultural Profits? Dairy Development in India. 239 ; EILEEN KENNEDY / Effects of Sugarcane Production in Southwestern Kenya on Income and Nutrition. 252 ; RUDO NffiMEUER AND JAN HOORWEG / Commercialization of Rice and Nutrition: A Case from West Kenya. 264 ; JORGEN BLANKEN, JOACHIM VON BRAUN, AND HARTWIG DE HAEN / The Triple Role of Potatoes as a Source of Cash, Food, and Employment: Effects on Nutritional Improvement in Rwanda. 276 ; SHUBH K. KUMAR AND CATHERINE SIANDWAZI / Maize in Zambia: Effects of Technological Change on Food Consumption and Nutrition. 295 ; PAULINE E. PETERS AND M. GUILLERMO HERRERA / Tobacco Cultivation, Food Production, and Nutrition among Smallholders in Malawi. 309 ; FRIEDERIKE BELLIN / Smallholder Tree Crops in Sierra Leone: Impacts on Food Consumption and Nutrition. 328 ; JOACHIM VON BRAUN, KEN B. JOHM, AND DETLEV PUETZ / Nutritional Effects of Commercialization of a Woman's Crop: Irrigated Rice in The Gambia. 343 ; JOACHIM VON BRAUN AND EILEEN KENNEDY / Conclusions for Agricultural Commercialization Policy. 365