Agricultural science policy

changing global agendas

Julian M. Alston, Philip G. Pardey, Michael J. Taylor

Agricultural research and development have profoundly increased the quantity and quality of food production in the twentieth century. As populations increase, however, and land and water resources become more scarce, we must improve productivity and efficiency to provide adequate food supplies. Issues such as the environment, genetic diversity, food safety, poverty, human health, public versus private responsibilities, and the question of intellectual property rights further complicate this task. Agricultural Science Policy: Changing Global Agendas consists of twelve chapters that describe important issues in agricultural science policy, the relevant facts, current economic thinking, and new results.

Topics include Changing Global Contexts and Agendas for Agricultural Research and Development; Productivity Measures and Measurement; Research, Productivity, and Natural Resources; Research for Genetic Improvement; and a conclusion, which suggests directions for the future. The chapters in this volume will provide researchers and policymakers with a timely review of progress on the existing agenda as well as lay the foundation for a new agenda and new directions for global agricultural science policy in the twenty-first century.

"I will refer to the book in my own research and assign chapters from the book in my class. It will stimulate new research and allocation of resources and should become a standard reference for students of agricultural productivity and policy."—Vernon W. Ruttan, University of Minnesota