AIDS and rural livelihoods

Dynamics and diversity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Anke Niehof, ed., Gabriel Rugalema, ed., Stuart Gillespie, ed.

AIDS in Africa : dynamics and diversity of impacts and response / Stuart Gillespie, Anke Niehof, and Gabriel Rugalema --; The longitudinal picture : what does it reveal? / Janet Seeley, Jovita Amurwon, and Susan Foster --; Resilience and (dis)continuity in households afflicted by AIDS : some preliminary insights from a longitudinal case study analysis / Gabriel Rugalema, Kirsten Mathieson, and Joseph Ssentongo --; Impacts of AIDS-related morbidity and mortality on non-urban households in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa / Corrie du Preez and Anke Niehof --; Sweet cane, bitter realities : the complex realities of AIDS in Mkamba, Kilombero district, Tanzania / Carolyne I. Nombo --; Single women's experiences of livelihood conditions, HIV and AIDS in the rural areas of Zimbabwe / Gaynor Gamuchirai Paradza --; Regional agricultural-consumption regimes and women's vulnerability to HIV in Kenya / E. Wairimu Mwangi --; Multi-layered impacts of AIDS and implications for food security among banana farmers in Uganda / Monica Karuhanga Beraho --; Impact of HIV/AIDS on local farming knowledge : differences in the cognitive salience of maize crop pests between affected and non-affected adults and children in Benin / Rose Fagbemissi and Lisa Leimar Price --; Adult mortality, food security, and the use of wild natural resources in a rural district of South Africa : is AIDS a unique shock? / Wayne Twine and Lori M. Hunter --; Applying the farmer life school approach to support women of poor and HIV/AIDS-affected households in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa / Kees Swaans, Jacqueline Broerse, and Maxwell Mudhara --; Agricultural policy response to HIV and AIDS : lessons learned from East and Southern Africa / Michelle Remme, Fadzai Mukonoweshuro, and Libor Stloukal --; AIDS and livelihoods : what have we learned and where are we heading? / Stuart Gillespie ... [et al.].