The Dynamics of Poverty in Rural Bangladesh: Perceptions of the Causes and Cures

This brief summarizes key findings from part one of a three-part quantitative and qualitative research study into the dynamics of poverty, which was collaboratively undertaken by researchers of the Chronic Poverty Research Centre, the International Food Policy Research Institute, and Data Analysis and Technical Assistance, Ltd. Part one of the study, which resurveyed villages that had participated in evaluations of anti-poverty interventions in the 1990s and 2000, involved 116 focus group discussions in 11 districts of Bangladesh in mid-2006. The central purpose of these discussions, undertaken in about a quarter of the surveyed villages, was to inform subsequent phases of research by exploring perceptions — particularly of the chronically poor — about the underlying causes of deterioration and improvement in the wellbeing of people in their communities.

Davis, Peter
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IFPRI/Chronic Poverty Research Centre
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