Enhancing commodity value chains in Nigeria

Nigerian administrations have long focused on strengthening the links along the chain from fork to farm in several commodities of key importance to Nigerian smallholders. The presidential initiatives on some commodities are cases in point. However, imperfections along the chain continue to widen the disparity between farm gate and retail prices, leaving poor farmers with the least value. The widening disparity continues to worry the government, which is working to reduce poverty and increase the income of poor farmers. Enhancing the value chain can improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers, ensure competitiveness in the global market, and ultimately contribute to economic growth.In response to the needs identified through consultations with the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources (FMAWR) and key stakeholders, the Agricultural Policy Support Facility (APSF) is supporting research that will provide evidence on enhancing commodity value chains in Nigeria. Thisresearch will explore: the opportunities and constraints for making agricultural commodities competitive in domestic and international markets,the institutional innovation/public policy interventions that can enhance competitiveness of commodities, and the impact of relevant policies and programs on different groups of people using various production systems. This workshop, sponsored by FMAWR, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), was held at the Valencia Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria on 6 May 2008. There were more than 46 participants from the FMAWR, farmer organizations; development partners, academia, and the private sector (see appendices A and B for agenda and participants list).This workshop report provides a brief review of the presentations delivered during the workshop, key comments from the audience and group discussions, and the next steps.

Salau, Sheu
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Nigeria Strategy Support Program (NSSP)
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