Farming Smarter

the uphill push toward conservation agriculture

Heidi Fritschel, Ed.
insights: magazine of the international food policy research institute
Contents: In Brief, What’s behind the Palm Oil Boom?: Is it feeding people or cars, Susan Buzzelli Tonassi; In Brief, Crowd Cartography: using eyes on the ground to map global cropland, Ian Johnson; In Brief, Power in Numbers: measuring women's empowerment, Marcia MacNeil; In Brief, A Root Cause: more nutritious cassava makes its debut, Yassir Islam and Andrea Podolsky; In Brief, Going Big: lessons on scaling up development projects, Justine Williams and Ashley St. Thomas; In Brief, Mapping African Agriculture: a wealth of data comes online, Cindy Cox and Susan Buzzelli Tonassi; In Brief, Talking with Jikun Huang, Susan Buzzelli Tonassi; In Brief, From Bartering to Bidding: Ethiopia's growing commodity exchange, Susan Buzzelli Tonassi; In Focus, Building a Future: Yemen turns to the challenge of reducing poverty and hunger, Ian Johnson; In Focus, When Medicine Is Not Enough: enlisting food and nutrition in the fight against HIV/AIDS, Jennifer Weeks; In Focus, Development in Reverse, Marcia MacNeil; In Person, Measuring the Spending Gap, Heidi Fritschel; Feature, Farming Smarter, S.D. Williams and Heidi Fritschel; In Numbers, Farming for the Long Haul;