Food safety in food security and food trade

Laurian J. Unnevehr, ed.
2020 vision focus
Food safety is receiving heightened attention worldwide as the important links between food and health are increasingly recognized. Improving food safety is an essential element of improving food security, which exists when populations have access to sufficient and healthy food. At the same time, as food trade expands throughout the world, food safety has become a shared concern among both developed and developing countries. Governments in many countries have established new institutions, standards, and methods for regulating food safety and have increased investments in hazard control. This set of policy briefs describes how developing countries are addressing food safety issues in order to improve both food security and food trade, and discusses the risks, benefits, and costs when such policies are implemented.
CONTENTS: -- Overview / Laurian J. Unnevehr; Food Safety as a Public Health Issue for Developing Countries / Fritz K. Käferstein; Mycotoxin Food Safety Risk in Developing Countries / Ramesh V. Bhat and Siruguri Vasanthi; Trends in Food Safety Standards and Regulation: Implications for Developing Countries / Julie A. Caswell; Food Safety Issues in International Trade / Spencer Henson; Balancing Risk Reduction and Benefits from Trade in Setting Standards / John Wilson and Tsunehiro Otsuki; Case Study: Guatemalan Raspberries and Cyclospora / Linda Calvin, Luis Flores, and William Foster; Case Study: Kenyan Fish Exports / Richard O. Abila; Case Study:The Shrimp Export Industry in Bangladesh / James C. Cato and S. Subasinge; Case Study: Reducing Pesticide Residues on Horticultural Crops / George W. Norton, Guillermo E. Sanchez, Dionne Clarke-Harris, and Halimatou Koné Traoré; Case Study: India Responds to International Food Safety Requirements / Shashi Sareen; Case Study: Supermarkets and Quality and Safety Standards for Produce in Latin America / Julio A. Berdegué, Fernando Balsevich, Luis Flores, Denise Mainville, and Thomas Reardon; Case Study: Beef industry in China / Colin G. Brown and Scott A.Waldron; Case Study:The Poultry Industry in Colombia / Miguel I. Gómez, Diego M. Sierra, and Daisy Rodriguez; Case Study: Reducing Mycotoxins in Brazilian Crops / Elisabete Salay; Food Safety and GM Crops: Implications for Developing-Country Research / Joel I. Cohen, Hector Quemada, and Robert Frederick; Food Safety Policy Issues for Developing Countries / Laurian J. Unnevehr, Lawrence Haddad, and Christopher Delgado."