The future of smallholder agriculture in Eastern Africa

the roles of states, markets, and civil society

Steven Were Omamo, ed., Suresh Chandra Babu, ed., Andrew Temu, ed.
ifpri eastern africa food policy network

This book is one of the principal outputs of the IFPRI Eastern Africa Food Policy Network. The Network, known then as the IFPRI 2020 Vision Network for Eastern Africa, was launched in 1998, in response to requests by several eastern African countries for assistance in generating policy-relevant information. Covering Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Uganda, the Network engages in a range of activities in policy research, capacity strengthening, and outreach (policy communication), with a view to contributing to efforts to reduce poverty, improve food and nutrition security, increase agricultural productivity, and promote sustainable use of natural resources in the region. Beginning in 2000, the Network supported several research projects under its Competitive Grants Program. A total of 30 projects were supported across all 6 Network countries. This book summarizes the outputs of 11 of the best projects.