Genetic resource policies

promising crop biotechnologies for smallholder farmers in East Africa -bananas and maize

Melinda Smale, ed., Svetlana Edmeades, ed., Hugo De Groote, ed.
research at a glance

List of Briefs:; 19. Assessing the Impact of Crop Genetic Improvement in Sub-Saharan Africa: Research Context and Highlights / Melinda Smale; 20. Crucial Determinants of Adoption: Planting Material Systems for Banana and Maize / Melinda Smale, Enoch Kikulwe, Svetlana Edmeades, Mgenzi Byabachwezi,Jackson Nkuba, and Hugo De Groote; 21. Gauging Potential Based on Current Adoption of Banana Hybrids in Tanzania / Jackson Nkuba, Svetlana Edmeades, and Melinda Smale; 22. Predicting Farmer Demand for Transgenic Cooking Bananas in Uganda / Svetlana Edmeades and Melinda Smale; 23. Predicting Farmer Demand for Bt maize in Kenya / Melinda Smale, Hugo De Groote, and George Owuor; 24. Biodiversity of Bananas on Farms in Uganda / Svetlana Edmeades, Melinda Smale, and Deborah Karamura; 25. Biodiversity of Maize on Farms in Kenya / Melinda Smale, Hugo De Groote, and George Owuor; 26. Biosafety and Biodiversity Risks / Melinda Smale, Hugo De Groote, and José Falck-Zepeda