Global action for food security

This brief is based on a presentation by the two authors in Amsterdam on September 27, 2006, in celebration of World Food Day on global mechanisms to reduce hunger, and on subsequent dialogues.

A world in which people are food secure is a world where all people have access to sufficient food to sustain a healthy and productive life; where malnutrition is absent; and where food originates from well-integrated, competitive, and low-cost systems based on the sustainable use of natural resources, gender equity, and a reduction in child labor in agriculture. Enhancing people’s access to sufficient food means ensuring production for today’s 6.2 billion people and tomorrow’s possible 8.5 billion (by 2030). It also means doing whatever possible to meet the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of halving the proportion of people who suffer from hunger by 2015, which will require a rapid increase in productivity and an increase in social investments. According to an estimate by IFPRI’s IMPACT model, it will also require an increase in the level of investment in agriculture, infrastructure, and the social sectors from the current US$ 21.5 billion to US$29.5 billion.

von Braun, Joachim
Keyzer, Michael
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