Global food projections to 2020

emerging trends and alternative futures

Mark W. Rosegrant, Michael S. Paisner, Siet Meijer, Julie Witcover

CONTENTS: Table of Contents, Foreword and Acknowledgements; Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Recent Trend in Food Supply and Demand; Chapter 3: The IMPACT Model; Chapter 4: Projections of Global Food Supply and Demand and Child Malnutrition; Chapter 5: Alternative Global Scenarios for Food Supply, Demand, Trade, and Security; Chapter 6: Alternative Regional Scenarios; Chapter 7: Investment Requirements: What Will the Costs Be?; Chapter 8: Summary and Conclusions; Appendix A: Countries and Commodities Included in the IMPACT Model; Appendix B: Supplementary Production, Demand, and Trade Data; Appendix C: Regional Food Supply and Demand Data and Annual Growth Rates; Appendix D: Production, Demand, and Trade Data by Commodity, 1997 and 2020; Notes; References; A summary report, entitled 2020 Global Food Outlook: Trends, Alternatives, and Choices, is also available.