How can African agriculture adapt to climate change?

Insights from Ethiopia and South Africa

Claudia Ringler, Sharon Shewmake, Rashid M. Hassan, Assefa Admassie, Berhanu Adenew, Abebe Tadege, Charles Nhemachena, Temesgen T. Deressa, Tekie Alemu, Mahmud Yesuf, Paul J. Block, Kenneth M. Strzepek, Mark W. Rosegrant, Xinshen Diao, Paul J. Block, Strzepek Kenneth M., Xinshen Diao, Mahmud Yesuf, Randy Bluffstone
how can african agriculture adapt to climate change
research brief

This series of IFPRI Research Briefs is based on research supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany, under the project "Food and Water Security under Global Change: Developing Adaptive Capacity with a Focus on Rural Africa," which forms part of the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food. Through collaboration with the Center for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa, the Ethiopian Development Research Institute, the Ethiopian Economics Association, and the University of Hamburg, the project aims to provide policymakers and stakeholders in Ethiopia and South Africa with tools to better understand and analyze the consequences of global change-in particular climate change-and to form policy decisions that facilitate adaptation in these countries and bey." -- from text

Table of Contents: Brief 1: The Impact of Climate Variability and Climate Change on Water and Food Outcomes: A Framework for Analysis by Claudia Ringer; Brief 2: Vulnerability and the Impact of Climate Change in South Africa's Limpopo River Basin by Sharon Shewmake; Brief 5: Measuring Ethiopian Farmers' Vulnerability to Climate Change Across Regional States by Temesgen T. Deressa, Rashid M. Hassan, and Claudia Ringler; Brief 6: Perceptions of Stakeholders on Climate Change: and Adaptation Strategies in Ethiopia by Assefa Admassie, Berhanu Adenew, and Abebe Tadege; Brief 7: Micro-Level Analysis of Farmers' Adaptation to Climate Change in Southern Africa by Charles Nhemachena and Rashid M. Hassan; Brief 9: Analysis of the Determinants of Farmers' Choice of Adaptation Methods and Perceptions of Climate Change in the Nile Basin of Ethiopia by Temesgen T. Deressa, Rashid M. Hassan, Claudia Ringler, Tekie Alemu, and Mahmud Yesuf; Brief 12: Impacts of Considering Climate Variability on Investment Decisions in Ethiopia by Paul J. Block, Kenneth Strzepek, Mark Rosegrant, and Xinshen Diao; Brief 14: Integrated Management of the Blue Nile Basin in Ethiopia under Climate Variability and Climate Change by Paul J. Block, Kenneth Strzepek, Mark Rosegrant, and Xinshen Diao; Brief 16: Risk Aversion in Low-Income Countries: Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia by Mahmud Yesuf and Randy Bluffstone