IFPRI Forum: Wanted, Good jobs for fighting poverty

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The current global recession is leading to millions of job losses around the world, pushing some people deeper into poverty and nudging others into poverty for the first time. How can governments and others in developing countries create good jobs to fight poverty and hunger both now and in the long term?
Table of contents: Wanted: Good Jobs for Fighting Poverty; Enacting Biosafety Legislation in Kenya; Investment in Agricultural R&D in Latin America and the Caribbean: Mixed Findings; HarvestChoice Website Informs Strategic Investment Decisions; Interview with Sylvia Mathews Burwell; HarvestPlus Moves into Second Phase; Bringing Agriculture to the Climate Change Negotiating Table; Potential Promises and Pitfalls of “Land Grabbing”; Recent Publications - Potential Promises and Pitfalls of “Land Grabbing” - Ten Years of Transgenic Crops - Prioritizing Public Spending in Africa